“O Lord, our Lord, I am one with you in all things! What have you been waiting for? Have you been praying for answers only to hear silence? How real is God in your life?

Be encouraged, you are not alone! African American women ministers you stand on the shoulders of those women who have gone before. God hears the cries of His daughters. Our faith, our prayers and shared sacred support are our weapons. We are unified, one unto another. Now is the time to? Value our worth, Overcome the patriarchal systems, Be that sacred support for one another, Judge less and understand more, Appreciate denominational differences, and Be the few in a plentiful harvest. Encouraged shares the struggles that black women ministers face. The various challenges shared may not be experienced by all but many have walked this walk. It is about loving God and yourself enough to stand strong in what God has called you to do. It is vital across denominational understandings that African American women ministers give sacred support to one another to spread the Good News of the Gospel. Sisters, be encouraged? You are not alone!

Encouraged: For African American Women Ministers | Official Book Trailer

When I was in formation for ordained ministry, I was instructed in theology and church protocol. I would have loved to have a book that counseled me on balancing ministerial life with my personal life. This book encourages African American women ministers to give sacred support to each other. We are all in the kingdom building business together …

All hopes and dreams should begin with a prayer. This is a story, a testimony, about a mother and a minister who walked through the valley of the shadow of death with her son. In the midst of the valley she dreamed of moving into a new home in spite of the downward economic spiral in real estate. She dreamed of a place of peace where nature surrounded her. She experienced a move of God like she had never seen.

Wanda Outlaw wants to be that voice crying out in the wilderness saying, “Experience the wonders of God!” People work, struggle, and fight daily for their dreams never to see them come into fruition because they leave the Source of abundance out of the equation. There is a dream, a desire, in this story that you pray your prayer over your desires and that you put God first. The hope is that you believe that God will manifest your greatest desires. The dream is that you find yourself in this testimony increasing your belief in God. How you come through it all will be determined by your faith, endurance, and your unselfish desires but it must begin with a prayer.”

Do you think that God could not possibly call you from a life of loose living well read this minister’s story? Mountains were put in her way to wake her up and slow her up in order to guide her to the divine purpose that God had just for her. This story encourages other women and men that no matter how difficult their life is it is in the difficulties that God will be glorified and not denied! “Three Mountains and a Voice” is the true story about Reverend Wanda Outlaw who tells us about her journey to ordained ministry but even more, she took the road still denounced today by the Roman Catholic Church, she is a woman ordained as a Priest in an alternative Catholic Church. There are hundreds of breakaway Catholic Churches today. Reverend Outlaw discovers racial differences through the media and through her parents and their friends. In high school she embraced the new revolutionary movement of the 60’s and later discovers sexual harassment before it became a public platform. God always moved through her life guiding and protecting her whether she knew it or not all the way to the moment where God reached out in a biblical way and “Called” her by name. Reverend Outlaw also talks about that which is taboo to most people the gift of seeing and hearing spirits, but she uses light humor to pull the reader through the experiences. God moved the comfort and security that she derived from three friends and directed her to focus on His comfort and security by using “Three Mountains and a Voice.” The author shows how even our stubbornness and denial will not stop God’s Call on our lives. Wise men and women will rise up to teach and shape us for our God ordained purpose no matter what God calls us to do all we have to do is not harden our hearts.

The world is spiraling out of control with anger, hatred, divisiveness, selfishness, and greed. It will take people finding their way back to their true identity, people working in communion with the source, God, to create a society of love, hope, and compassion.

Mainstream ministers will dispute the concept that we are little gods, but this concept is as ancient as time.

God Chronicles is a collection of encouraging writings that will be relatable to many regardless of their denomination. You can journal through the topics sharing your struggles, testimonies, and prayers.

Take this journey of inspiration knowing you are not alone in your travails. God, by whatever name you call God, is with you, if you just believe.

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