Frozen Series: Introduction

Movies are for entertaining and educating. Movies are great for looking at life through various cultural lenses. Walt Disney’s animated movie, “Frozen” is chock-full of life lessons. It is about a royal family, mother and father and two sisters who start out close and through unusual circumstances are driven apart.Families go through trials and tribulations daily and this family is no different except for the circumstances that separated them. It is not every day that someone can turn water into ice or turn dry land into a winter wonderland; but we are all given gifts that we have to learn to use.

This story is about love versus fear, leadership, independence, betrayal, friendship and courage.I want to share some of the lessons fusing the story with scripture to bring about lessons that can be consumed for situations that challenge us. Frozen is a great movie for children and adults teaching how to communicate more effectively, how to not be afraid of your gifts, how to stand in the face of courage against all odds and it stresses the importance of family and friends.

Enjoy the Frozen Series!