What Can We Do?

This pandemic has triggered many people.  Everyone did not handle being separated from society in the same way.  There were those who lost jobs, marriages, family members because of Covid and they suppressed their anxiety while in isolation.  Now, society is opening up, people are coming together again but the pent-up anxiety is being released in various ways.  There has been at least 12 mass shootings in one weekend.  There are escalated numbers of spousal abuse and more people than ever lack food for their families.  It has been rough around the world.

What can we do?  We can…

Pray…when you hear of people in distress, pray for them.  Every evening have a list of people that you pray for.  Pray out of a compassionate heart for protection, peace and love.  Don’t forget to pray for yourself as well.

Serve…think about those who are not as fortunate as yourself.  Take sandwiches and bottled water to the homeless.  Donate to organizations who serve the masses.  If you have clothes that are in good shape, share. 

Remember the elders…go grocery shopping for them or have groceries delivered to them making sure someone is there to receive the groceries.  If you can, take them to medical appointments.

Tutor…There are apps that you can use to tutor the young and the old.

Listen…be that listening ear for someone who needs to talk about their frustrations.  It is not always about giving advice.  Many have been and still are in isolation and they need to talk to someone.

We may not be able to help everyone but we can help those that God places before us.