NE Imani Fellowship History

NE Imani Fellowship began after a pastor encouraged his clergy to “start something”. Reverend Wanda Outlaw, moved into a new home that she prayed fervently for. The home had an addition built on to it that could have been a living room instead it became a chapel. Reverend Outlaw’s pastor came to see the house and noted that it looked like a church; he said, “NE Imani Fellowship”.All that was missing was chairs the pastor noted that God will provide. God provided and April 12, 2013, was the start of NE Imani Fellowship a non-denominational church.

Reverend Outlaw has always been passionate about outreach. She is the founder of Socks N’ Sandwiches a winter project for the homeless. In the alternative Catholic expression of the Christian faith, Imani Temple, Reverend Outlaw started the Sisters of Imani, she was the National Head of the Lector Ministry (proclaimers of the Word of God)and she wrote a Novena prayer booklet entitled, “Mary the Mother of Africa”.

The pastor of NE Imani Fellowship has preached and taught in various churches throughout Washington, D.C. under Women Uplifting Women Ministries led by the illustrious Dr. Addie Robb. Reverend Outlaw has developed and facilitated weekend women’s retreats. She developed and delivered an empowering 8-week workshop for youth entitled “Anointed Life Workshop.”
Reverend Outlaw has been a priest for 10 years. She has developed a rites of passage for women entitled “Sisters on Fire”. Her heart is for women, youth and elders. She also has an encouraging word for women ministers who are told that they cannot be ministers.

NE Imani Fellowship is focused on the word of God, teaching it so that people can live it. Church is about fellowship, being in a place where there is no judgment rather much love and understanding. We do not debate the word but we discuss the word to better use the word in our everyday lives.