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NE Imani Fellowship

“I strongly recommend any and every couple who is considering getting married to do some form of pre-marital counseling. Now the thing to me that was special with Rev. Outlaw was the spiritual healing she was able to give to me on our first visit. Because I’m not a very openly spiritual person. The Rev. was able to pull things out of me that I didn’t even know existed inside of me. To be open and fully committed to my wife with reading of the word. She help guide me the right direction so that I could be comfortable with sharing my true feelings I was able to express my feelings and talk about my hurts and things I have only discussed with a selected few.But I felt a strong connection with the Rev. that I was open to speak on any subject. Thanks to Rev. Outlaw I truly believe my marriage will work out just fine with the guidance she has given me and my lovely wife.”
NE Imani Fellowship

“Hey Rev!!!
Today marks our first 30 days of Marital Bliss!!!! For young couples out there in love, I’m Deshawn Bell-Nixon and I married my partner 30 days ago and it’s been a joy. I was so blessed to run in to Rev.Outlaw at my aunt’s going home service. My fiancé and I at that time were looking for someone to give us pre-martial counseling and when Justin (my fiancé) heard Rev. Outlaw give the eulogy at my aunt’s service he said let’s see if she does marriage counseling. Now let me speak clearly, Rev. Outlaw is not a doctor! LOL! Shecannot fix your life problems. But she can guide you in the right spiritual direction and teach you how to seek the word of GOD to help you through every situation you are going through. We went for 9 weeks and each week we tackled and discussed what we both wanted and needed from each other to keep us bonded. I must say, to find out how Justin loved the Lord and me was the best piece of this experience. I liked how she was brutally honest with us and so down to earth it wasn’t the type of pastoral care that made you feel like if you didn’t say what’s expected to be right you were going to be judged. Because no one wants to be judged when you’re looking for guidance. So Rev. Outlaw, I love you and I thank you for joining us at the beginning of our journey to a life of Love and Happiness through Christ all things are possible. See you soon!!”