Time Out Are You Glad About It?

“I was glad when they said unto me,
Let us go into the house of the LORD.”
Psalm 122:1 (KJV)

Have you been in the church environment since you were a child? Did you hear your mother say, “Unless you are dead or dying you will go to church every Sunday?”Many people go to church because it was what they were taught as children. Too often people just go through the motions of church not finding themselves glad to be in the house of the Lord. The church finds itself in the position of entertaining the congregation in order to keep the congregation. The times they are changing.

The first and foremost reason for being in church is to celebrate, worship and learn about God so that you can live according to the will and way of God. As a member of a traditional Christian church community you are expected to share the 3-T’s: time, talents and tithes. All that you do in church you should be glad about it! Do not feel guilty if you cannot give and never allow yourself to be bullied into giving. Giving comes from the heart and when you are able you will give fully in the joy of the Lord. You are in church to learn about God so that you can emulate the ways of Jesus. The generations differ about giving tithes. Some of the older generation believes in giving if the pastor caters to their needs. Some of the younger generation feel that they should not have to put money in the pastor’s pockets. What both generations need to understand is that the same basic bills that they have in their personal lives are the same bills that the church has to pay. The lights, heat, air, and upkeep is not always done through Divine intervention rather the church family assists in maintaining the upkeep of the church. When doing this it should not be done begrudgingly instead we should be glad that we can provide for the house of the Lord. We should also rejoice that we can give aid to the man or woman of God who gives aid to us by teaching and preaching the Good News. If we don’t give aid, who will? The economy is such that everyone is falling short fiscally but in pooling our resources we can all make a way somehow.

Jesus followed the laws of the Sabbath but most of his time was spent on the highways and by-ways. There are those who have never been to church and have heard too much negativity about church that repels them from even thinking about going. Folks just need to see regular folk who do not judge them but just share God’s word of direction and love. Setting up feeding stations or places where people can get items of warmth or other resources they may need is in line with what Jesus would do. Sometimes all people want is a word of prayer. “But they are not in church!” The people are the church, the kingdom of God is inside of everyone so to be glad to be in the house of the Lord also means to honor the earthen vessels that God created. Remember, Jesus fed the multitude, he met them in their immediate need so that they would hear the word of God; we have to do the same. Now this is something to be glad about!

Time Out: I praise You God, I honor You O Lord and I am the church that You have called me to be.